I’m a freelance web designer and developer based in London. I offer a wide variety of website design, web development and search engine optimisation solutions for local businesses and professionals.





The fact websites are very important assets to any business isn’t news but what you might not know is that the amount of people surfing the internet using smartphones has been increasing yearly and is expected to overtake those using laptops and desktops sooner than later. On that note, the mobile-first approach becomes a vital part of any responsive design and development process.

As the names suggests, the mobile-first approach is a technique used to start the design of a website layout from the smartphone screen perspective all the way up to the desktop one. A great benefit of this approach is that it enables visitors to interact with your brand, products and services in a unique and very personal way considering they will be using their smartphones on the go wherever they go.


CMS stands for Content Management System and is where the website will be installed and managed from. It is an amazing tool for developers but more importantly for you, the end user. WordPress, WooComerce, Shopify and Magento are some of the most popular ones but the right one for you will depend on your project goals.

Let’s assume you don’t have any of the required coding skills and to be honest you might not need any. Once you get familiar with the chosen CMS interface, you should be able to add and remove videos, images, texts and links by yourself


If you already have a website but can’t think of anything more boring than customising and updating it yourself, let me help you with this burden. I can do as little as few simple tasks such as software and content updates but also take on a variety of custom changes you may require such as the installation and configuration of new plugins, pages, features, etc


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique used to build websites with a mobile-friendly layout that is suitable across all browsers and screens. The idea here is to maximise the user experience when they’re exploring a website. It is worth pointing out that if your current website doesn’t have a responsive layout, it could potentially be updated with a few tweaks.


Front-end Development

I specialise in front-end development using cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript combined with the best practices in UX Design to ensure your responsive website is exactly what you were expecting. The websites are usually installed in a CMS such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify or Magento so you will be able to manage it without being an expert.



I also offer a wide variety of website customisations, updates and search engine optimisation solutions for local businesses and professionals to help increase their brand awareness, have an online impact and consequently, generate more traffic and leads to their websites


SEO Implemetation

The websites I develop are SEO-friendly which means they come with the basic techniques of search engine optimisation already implemented in order to increase their chances of ranking higher on the Google SERPs.






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