Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and then moved to the UK. After releasing several  albums and touring with the band NOVONADA (providing percussion and vocals) Carvalho decided to embark on his solo artist journey in order to have a more personal approach to music.

Carvalho’s Italian-Brazilian heritage is blended with the British influences he picked up while in London (where he currently resides).

His solo project’s purpose is to express and convey every experience through a writing not affected by idiomatic or cultural boundaries.

Ian Carvalho’s lyrics are a mix of languages and his music is a blend of rhythms, melodies, arrangements, free of rhetorical patterns, with the only desire and intent to deliver a message. He uses the feelings that a word may evoke in the listener, regardless of his ability to understand the meaning of the word itself.

Symbols combined with sounds.

Idiosyncratic syncretism.

Debut EP “Morpheo in Eros” was recorded mostly at Relax Studio in Florence (IT) with some extra recording at Brother’s room in London (UK) and Casarao Music Estudio in Piracicaba (Bra).

“Morpheo in Eros” has been produced by Ian Carvalho and Andrea Nardoni (bass of Novonada from 2007 to 2011 and Relaxo studio sound engineer)

The EP has been realised through collaboration with:

Thiago Jorge (saxophone, guitar and synth of Lou Dog  and Abraskadabra – Bra; sound engineer at Brother Studio in London -UK)

Uberto Rapisardi (keyboards and therevox of The Veils – UK)

Fabiano Benetton (bass and guitar of Odradek – Brazil)

Alessandro Bianchi (guitar of Novonada – UK), Antonio Cavaliere (bass of Novonada – UK)

Andrea Nardoni (former bass and electric guitar of Novonada and sound engineer of Relaxo Studio in Florence – IT)

Cover art by photographer Ruggero Lupo Mengoni.